Is it madness?

20 02 2010

This is the question. If you listen to the worldwide media it’s a definite and quick yes, with a capital y that looks at you and screams at you; a very powerful three-letter word that wants you to label this event as an ordinary act of insanity and  forget about it.

I am talking about what happened yesterday in Austin, Texas. At first glance it is an accident, a tragedy, then the possibility of a terrorist attack sinks in. North America is kept in the dark , people of course fear a new 9/11, media are quick in telling us that Obama has been briefed on it, so we can compare this with the moment Bush received news of the twin tower attack.

Everybody fears the worst, another violation of American soil by the evil forces lurking outside the country. Then a twist in the  already known blockbuster plot: a manifesto is found, written by an American engineer  that happened to be the pilot of the plane that crashed into Austin IRS offices. The identity of the pilot is confirmed, new media updates , and the blockbuster becomes a flop. As of now , only a day later , this story has disappeared from the front page of the major news sites. Andrew Joseph Stack’s website has been blocked by the FBI and on a website like most of the comments on this man’s last act have been censored and labelled as offensive.

The media industry wants us to believe this was the bitter end of a mind going awry: a crazy man’s response to his inability of coping with everyday life. Here is a link to this madman’s last written words, . Please, if anyone will read my post,  pay this deceased pilot a tribute and read his manifesto.

These are not an insane person’s words , on the contrary, I believe this man grasped what North-American society really is. I usually frown upon conforming myself to the masses but it appears it’s the only option for me on this topic. This dead man has already three fan pages on Facebook, his actions are sparking at least a debate. In other words people are talking about it, and they are realizing the importance of Mr. Stack’s last stunt. He could have killed hundreds of people but he didn’t. He could have just wrote a complaint letter to IRS but he didn’t. He did instead kill himself, in a very spectacular fashion, to draw attention on his frustrated existence and  to paint himself as a martyr.

I don’t believe it is possible to consider Mr. Stack as a martyr , not even  as a tax terrorist though; he did what he believed was right to do, and not because of insanity. He did it because he was exasperated by the condition of the society he was living in. Many other people feel his same way and I am sure nobody would consider them insane.

Mr. Stack was a desperate man, not a mad one, and media should cover him the same way they would cover a terrorist attack; he shouldn’t be forgotten just for the fear of copycat actions but instead remembered, and discussed upon. North-American people cannot afford to have bad news sugar-coated once again; they shouldn’t be convinced that this was just the final flight of a man who felt persecuted by the Government. This is not madness, it’s just a consequence of reality.




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