me, myself and my blog

The purpose of this blog is primarily that of letting me channel all my daily frustrations and wonders : ” Ave Atque Vale ” will be a fairly selfish , one-man-show-ish, very dictatorial publication. Basically it will be a window looking at my window looking at the world.

I spent my past years travelling here and there around the world and in my last adventure , Australia , I discovered a great passion for writing but mostly for communicating and sharing my views with other people. This is my first attempt in the net and I will try my best to steer from anything that’s boring and useless but  , as I mentioned before ,  these pages will show what goes on around me and it is not always pretty.

Anyway I hope I will come up with few decent ideas , ideally weekly but I already know I can’t keep up with that so if by any chance anybody will be very interested in what I write , well just bear with me ok?

Raffaele Bellomi


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